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Tooth aches or soreness can result from a number of causes. Intense tooth ache is usually caused by an infected nerve and the pain can be very intense and come on very quickly. In other cases it can be caused by poor oral health and just a simple visit to the Hygienist can relieve the problem.

Our dentists will examine your teeth and find the best and most comfortable way to solve your soreness and have your teeth back to optimum health.

Dental caries (cavities), described as 'tooth decay', is an infectious disease which damages the structures of the teeth. The disease can lead to pain, infection and sometimes tooth loss. Tooth decay is caused by certain types of acid producing bacteria.

Depending on the extent of tooth destruction, various treatments can be used to restore teeth to proper form, function, and aesthetics, but there is no known method to regenerate large amounts of tooth structure.

If caught early enough most teeth can be saved so it is advisable to have regular check ups and book an appointment if you think you may have tooth decay starting.

We will always try to get you out of pain as soon as we can however if you are after a short term solution to your problem until your appointment we have found the following can be used for plain relief: Ibuporfen,  Oil of cloves, both of which are available from a chemist and also occasionally sipping ice cold water can ease the pain.


We provide emergency appointments for severer tooth ache and for accident/trauma cases. For most cases we will seen you within 24hrs. For emergency appointments outside of normal business hours please call Moranbah Hospital on 49414600.

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