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Composite (White) Fillings

Tooth fillings are one of the most common dental procedures for children and adults alike. If you or your child has a cavity or other tooth damage, a tooth-coloured composite filling can repair the tooth as good as new.

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When is a filling needed?

As its name suggests, a filling 'fills in' the missing structure of a tooth that may have broken off, decayed or worn away. They're most commonly used to treat cavities (holes) in teeth caused by tooth decay, but they may also be used to repair other minor damage or to seal a tooth following root canal therapy.

If a tooth is more severely damaged or doesn't have enough structure remaining, we may recommend an alternative treatment such as a dental crown. For a tooth that's too badly damaged to save, the only option may be an extraction, though our dentists try to save a tooth whenever possible.

You can avoid the need for most fillings by following good oral hygiene every day and keeping up with your regular dental check-ups.

What are composite fillings?

Composite fillings are made from a composite resin of plastic, glass and other materials. This hardens inside the tooth to restore its strength.

While composite fillings are not as strong as metal fillings, they have the advantage of better aesthetics. Often called white fillings or tooth-coloured fillings, our dentists can match the colour of the resin to your natural tooth shade for a seamless finish.

For children getting fillings in baby teeth, we may use glass-ionomer cement as an alternative. This is similar to composite resin and suitable for teeth that are subjected to less biting force. These fillings also release fluoride over time, which helps to protect teeth against decay.

What happens when you get a filling?

If you choose to have a dental filling at Moranbah Dental, we'll explain what the procedure involves so you know what to expect. We may use local anaesthetic if there's likely to be pain, but this isn't always needed.

Before placing the filling, our dentists drill into the tooth to remove any decayed or damaged tissue, then clean and prepare it for a filling. We'll then insert the composite resin and cure it using a light until it hardens. Finally, we'll sculpt the tooth's surface to make sure it bites correctly.

Your tooth may feel a little sensitive to food and drink after getting a filling, but this should only last for a short time. If sensitivity continues, or you have other unexpected problems, make an appointment to see our dentists.

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