If your tooth feels painful
and sensitive...

Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics)

If your tooth feels painful or sensitive, it might be infected. A root canal treatment (also called endodontic therapy) is the only way to treat and save an infected tooth before it's lost.

If you're worried about having a root canal, rest assured that this is one of the most common dental procedures and usually no more painful than getting a filling.

Our dentists at Moranbah Dental are fully qualified and experienced to provide root canal therapy, and we'll make sure you understand what the procedure involves to help put your mind at ease.

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When is a root canal needed?

Our dentists may recommend root canal therapy if we spot signs of a dental pulp infection or damage when examining your teeth. This can happen when a tooth is damaged by decay or an injury and the soft interior of the tooth (the pulp) is exposed to bacteria.

You may have an infected tooth if you have a severe toothache (especially when chewing), your tooth feels more sensitive to temperature, or you notice a pimple or swelling of the gum around a tooth. However, there aren't always obvious symptoms, which is why it's important to have regular check-ups so your dentist can catch problems before they cause serious damage.

Without treatment, an infected tooth may eventually be damaged beyond repair and the infection could spread to other teeth. The only alternative to root canal therapy is extraction and replacement with an artificial tooth, but we always recommend trying to save a natural tooth when possible.

What does root canal treatment involve?

If you decide to have a root canal treatment at Moranbah Dental, we'll take an x-ray of the affected tooth to see the extent of the damage and help us to develop your treatment plan. After administering local anaesthesia to numb your mouth, we'll open the tooth using a dental drill and extract the damaged pulp.

The next stage is disinfecting the tooth, which may involve multiple appointments depending on the size of the cavity. When the tooth has been prepared, we'll insert a synthetic material to fill the gap and restore strength to the tooth.

Finally, the tooth is sealed by placing a custom-made dental crown or white filling, depending on the size of the cavity. We can explain more about the procedure and answer any questions you have so you can make fully informed decisions about your oral health.

Is a root canal painful?

Root canal therapy has a reputation for being painful, but the truth is that it's no more painful than any other routine dental treatment. Local anaesthetic is used to numb the mouth during treatment.

What to do if you have a dental emergency

If you have a sudden toothache, damage a tooth or have another dental emergency, call our dentists as soon as possible on (07) 4941 7336.

We can give you advice about how to manage your symptoms at home and prevent a problem getting worse, or we can book an emergency appointment at our clinic if you need professional care.

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